What is MedCannID?

MedCannID is the UK’s largest legally prescribed medical cannabis patient validation and support system that offers simple and effective identification for medical cannabis patients by means of a unique tamper-proof holographic physical photo ID card and accompanying app.

The app acts as a central hub for all patient needs and also can be used to access the patient prescription copies for reference.

MedCannID membership gives you access to all the additional support services and benefits.

Are you eligible for a medical cannabis ID card?

Have you been prescribed medical cannabis in the UK ?

Anyone with a current valid UK cannabis prescription can sign up to receive MedCannID card to prove your legal patient status and enjoy all the member benefits.

Sign up using the app for Android or iPhone and follow the on screen instructions

What are the benefits of MedCannID?

Membership benefits

•             A physical confirmation that you are a legally prescribed medical cannabis patient by means of a plastic tamperproof photo ID card

 •            Validates your legal patient status and certifies that you use cannabis on prescription for medical purposes to any authorities ie law enforcement, Public Transport Police. This can also be used in communications with your landlords, estate agent, HR manager, Employer, insurance companies etc

 •             In the event of medical emergency, medical personnel can be notified of your cannabinoid intake. This is very important to pharmacotherapy in emergencies.

 •             Helps to eliminate stigma at home, rented accommodation, work and in your community

 •             Legitimises carrying your medical supply and equipment for example your vaporiser and precision scales.

 •             Specifies the type of medication and amount currently being prescribed to the patient with a direct link to a copy of your latest prescription as well as your prescription archive .

General membership benefits

 •             Pre-Legal advice and signposting communications in case of unlawful arrest and confiscation of medications as well as general legal issues with employment and housing authorities etc

 •             Access to the Patient Essentials MedCannID prices with group purchase discounts of up to 50% off RRP for equipment needed for consumption including vaporisers.

 •             Group offers for MedCannID members at participating pharmacies and clinics when available

 •             Access to exclusive in app prescribed patient related information, services, shared resources and the patient forum.(coming soon)

The physical card

The card is made out of hardwearing flexible plastic and it’s valid for one year .

It includes a photo, the patient unique registration number and details.

Additionally it has a holographic seal with embedded unique numbers and void technology as well as the registered MedCannID Holokote ® technology watermark.

HoloKote®, is a secure anti-fraud customised watermark that is printed on to the card surface during the normal print cycle and the MedCannID logo image is frosted into the clear overcoat application , resulting in a watermark like layer that can be visually verified when the card is tilted in the light. 

Furthermore, the MedCannID holokote design is registered with the fraud prevention database as used by “Project Genesius”, the Metropolitan Police initiative to counter crime in the printing industry.

The app

The MedCannID app, is the central communication tool for all our members.

Download the app from the app stores and use it to apply for an account and to upload your digital prescription copies for reference when needed. The app allows you to carry a digital archive of all your prescriptions as well as access to all the in app features not available on the site.

Use it to quickly evidence the date, type, amount and prescribing doctor for your last prescription as well as to prove your current active membership to MedCannID.

How do I sign up ?

You can register using a mobile device or tablet by downloading the app . Click here

How much does it cost?

The card is FREE for anyone with a valid UK prescription and it’s renewed annually.

Please note that you will need to have a current valid medical cannabis prescription to keep your account active.

Why is MedCannID so important

There are now 1000s of patients in the UK who are being prescribed medical cannabis, entirely legally, but who may still be subject to checks by members of the police. It can be very distressing for patients to be questioned by police officers for possessing or consuming legal medical cannabis on prescription.

Furthermore, it can be a waste of police time and resources to pursue and criminalise these patients.   

Benefits to Law Enforcement from using MedicanID 

  • Law enforcement officers, transport police or other authorities can very quickly establish the legal status of a medical cannabis patient and avoid liability for potential illegal arrest and illegal seizure of life-saving medication 
  • The MedCannID app contains details on the amount and type of cannabis that has been prescribed to the patient as a unique ID number ties the patient to the current prescription that has been written 

Alta Flora | CEO Gavin Sathianathan

MedCannID can provide critical support to patients consuming legal medical cannabis on prescription. We are proud to support this initiative which offers patients an opportunity to identify themselves to society as individuals who are consuming legal plant medicines to take control of their conditions and improve their quality of life.” 


Arfon Jones | North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

“people who take medicinal cannabis should not have the additional worry of being threatened with the possibility of prosecution.”

“it is cruel and inhumane” for people to be criminalised for being seriously ill

Abby Hughes | PLEA co-founder

 “MedCannID provides a unique, valuable service for patients like me who have a prescription from a specialist doctor to consume cannabis. PLEA are proud to support initiatives such as MedCannID which improve the quality of life of patients and diminish the stigma that legal medical cannabis patients face” 

“Medical Cannabis Patients should not be living in fear of arrest”



Privacy is a priority for MedCannID and we have taken every necessary step to protect our members data. We are fully GDPR compliant and we have physical and network security measures in place with encrypted communication, firewall, SSL email secure server and storage of data on servers accommodating for the healthcare sector through our contract partners who are EU-US Privacy Shield compliant too.  

There are also extra Data Protection and Data security measures which specify our software developer partners compliance with PCI DSS , ISO 22301:2012, ISO 27001:2013, Data Loss Protection, Data Storage, Data Deletion or Redundancy and Incident/Threat reporting  in place for the software development

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