This service is now discontinued

MedCannID was introduced as a way of assisting patients assert their legal rights in a world where medicinal cannabis is still misunderstood by the majority, including law enforcement.

In the last year we have answered requests for assistance by patients facing many different issues and we have identified the main four categories where help is needed most.

These are:

·         Lack of employer education in employment law particularly as it relates to use of medicines in the workplace and impairment;  
·         Lack of understanding from landlords regarding use of legal medicine in places of accommodation;
·         Lack of education on the part of law enforcement regarding their interactions with legally prescribed medical cannabis patients;
·         Consumption in public access areas and events etc.

Most of the cases have been resolved with a positive outcome however legally prescribed patients deserve to be treated lawfully and with respect regardless of the level of education available.

Unfortunately, it is with great regret that we announce that due to the ongoing Apple and Google store restrictions to our app and other unforeseen post COVID circumstances, we have suspended our services, with a view to discontinuing them completely as of the 15th March 2022.

The use of the app to log in and upload/view prescriptions will also be disabled by the same date. Our advice is to keep your prescription copy evidence separately and your medication in the original package.

Most clinics now offer access to prescription copies directly through their own access portals so it shouldn’t be too difficult anymore to carry evidence of your legal status.

All other support and advice services will be available until the 1st April but keep an eye on here for future updates.

We are truly grateful that we have been given the opportunity to help promote legal cannabis patients’ rights.

We sincerely hope a government organisation will soon introduce a similar ID card scheme or we will be able to revive the service in the future with support from the healthcare industry.

Recommendations for a review of the impact and attitudes towards CBPMs have now been accepted by the Home Office as of the 22nd Jan 2022 so progress is being made in the right direction. Read more here

We wish all prescribed medical cannabis patients the very best for the future.

Kind regards
Marios Panteli and the MedCannID team

“Medical Cannabis Patients should not be living in fear of arrest”

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